How to Check Car Oil

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The engine of your vehicle is its heartbeat. You need the engine to be healthy for your car to keep working. Thus, you need to know how to check the oil level in your vehicle. To ensure that the oil levels are proper and will not need replacing, you need to check your oil regularly. At Bonham Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, our service department is happy to schedule an appointment for your next oil change. We understand that not all Denison drivers want to check car oil, as it can be messy. No worries, we are here for you!

How to Check the Oil Level in Your Car

However, if you prefer to check the oil yourself, we are here for you too. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to check car oil. Keep in mind that newer vehicles have electronic readings, unlike older models with dipsticks.

How to Check Car Oil Manually

  • Park the vehicle, and wait until the engine is cold. A good time to check is in the morning.
  • Open the hood of the car and locate the dipstick.
  • Remove the dipstick and remove the oil.
  • Put the dipstick back and remove it again to check the level of the oil.
  • If the oil streak is between two marks or a crosshatch, your oil level is right.
  • If your reading does not show the above, you need to add more oil.

If it is time for an oil change, be sure to check our service specials. We can review your oil levels for you at our service center. We can change your oil or top it off and have you back on Sherman roads in no time.

Choose Bonham Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for Your Next Service Appointment!

Our service department is ready to take on any of your service needs. We always hire the best technicians to ensure your car is in good hands. Learn how long you can drive on a spare tire, what color transmission fluid is, how long getting an oil change takes, and more! Check out our new vehicles McKinney residents while you are here. Give us a call when you need service!

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