Bonham Chrysler Promise

Bonham Chrysler Promise

Shop with confidence when you buy at Bonham Chrysler!
The Bonham Promise!

We’re so confident that you’ll love your new or used vehicle, that we’ll give you 48 hours to return it for a full refund or 72 hours to exchange it!

No hassle. No explanation needed.
Just Easy Dealin’ with that Country Feelin’

For over 25 years, Bonham Chrysler has been your headquarters for all things Automotive, and we pride ourselves on always putting our customers first. Sales, Selection and Repeat Business are what has made us your hometown favorite in North Texas for years and we’re excited to extend to our customers The Bonham Promise.

We want you to be so comfortable with your car-buying experience that we’re giving you a full 48 hours to return your new or used vehicle or 72 hours to exchange it for something else. We call it The Bonham Promise! And we also promise that our prices, our service and our selection will exceed your expectations and have you coming back for years. See you soon!

Easy Dealin’ with that Country Feelin’
Only at Bonham Chrysler



We’re glad to take it back, but we need it back within 48 hours.  And that means it has to be at the dealership no later than 48 hours from purchase.  No appointments to get it back; no “I’ll be there tomorrow,” the vehicle has to be at the dealership no later that 48 hours from purchase.  Which we think is fair, don’t you?  Cuts down on paperwork.
Same goes for a 72 hour vehicle exchange.  Your New or Used vehicle has to be at the dealership, no later than 72 hours from the time of purchase.
“But what if I buy it on a Saturday and you’re closed on Sunday?”  Not to worry, in the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied, we’ll work with you for an appropriate time on Tuesday.
If there is any damage to the vehicle, we can’t take it back or exchange it.  We won’t return or exchange any vehicle that has been modified in any way with aftermarket parts.  Any vehicle with custom, non-Mopar, parts and accessories will not be eligible.  No more than 300 miles on 48 and 72 mile exchange.  Original Purchaser of the vehicle must be present at the return or exchange.   All set of keys must be returned.  That’s about it.  All pretty fair we think.